Marwell Ducks and their frozen fountainI woke up this morning to find it was a rather chilly -7 degrees outside… not so appealing when I knew I would be outside driving the trains at Marwell all day!  It was really pretty outside though and I couldn’t resist taking my camera with me up to the zoo.  I wasn’t however, expecting to find 10 inch long icicles hanging off the Hippo House and the duck pond totally frozen.  The funniest was their fountain which had gradually built up and looked a little like a giant ice claw coming out of the water! 

The day never warmed up to more than about -3 all day, and at one point looked like we might not even open as a lot of the pipes had frozen meaning some of the catering outlets and toilets couldn’t be opened.  Yet we made it through the day and there was a surprising number of visitors despite the cold.

On the way home I decided to pop to Hursley to take some pretty shots of the frost and the fog… here are a couple I particularly like.
Sepia Hursley in the fog
Pink Frost


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