I woke up this morning to snow.  Okay, a regular occurence in Winter you’d think… but not around here.  Last time we’ve had snow that has settled like this was many years ago – the news is saying not for 18 years.  The photographer in me made sure I prepared my camera at the same time as my work bag this morning, and the big kid in me was dying to make a snow man… but instead I went for a snow cat!  Here’s a shot of my street this morning and my new friend:

My Street in the Snow
Snow Kitty


2 Responses to “Snow”

  1. mavismolly Says:

    Hello from Hong Kong. Thanks for sharing the images of ‘Snow’.

    HOLLY (over here) has never played with snow.
    He would love to roll on it, eat it and play with the white stuff.
    It will definitely be a shock to his system.

    You’r cordially invited to visit and comment:

    Holly awaits you.

  2. ema Says:

    Oh God.
    i wonder if Malaysia could have snow also.
    i wish i could feel how is the snow looks like.
    btw, hope you enjoy your day.
    and try to hear this lovely song.

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