Spot the Cheetah

The eyes have itMarwell are just launching their campaign for 2009 – Sprint – focussing on the Cheetah.  Each year Marwell runs a campaign helping to raise awareness and funds for an aspect of conservation.  This year’s campaign, being about one of the big cats, is particularly close to my heart.

Cheetah numbers are declining due to many different threats.  Marwell’s campaign will not only go to help support our local cheetah family and hopefully build them a new home in 2010, but also to some of the many exciting projects Marwell helps to support out in South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

The campaign officially launches during Half Term week (14-22 February) with lots of exciting things going on to see and do.  Visitors will get a chance to see the cats being fed and talk to the keepers as well as various activities to learn more about these gorgeous creatures.  And even if you can’t make it to the zoo next week, check out the new Cheetah Cam which has gone live today.  I’ll be driving the trains on Saturday 21st so don’t forget to wave or say hi!

One day I’d love to go and see the big cats in their natural environment, and I love being a part of something like this and feel proud that I can help to support their future.

Lots more information about the campaign, cheetahs, the events going on and what you can do to help can be found on Marwell’s Sprint website.


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