Understanding my SLR

It has been around 8 months now that I’ve had my SLR camera, but I didn’t feel that I was making the most of it’s functionality.  I was avoiding using the Auto mode and experimenting with aperture and shutter speed, but a lot of it still felt like guess work and random twiddling of the knob rather than skill! 

Portrait3So I decided to have a look around and see if I could find any courses or workshops that might help… but  I was surprised at how little I managed to find.  There are quite a few experience day style workshops out there, but less of the practical side to getting to grips with the basics.  Luckily I did manage to find Going Digital and just what I was after.

So last week I went on Part 1 of their Explore Your Digital Camera workshop at Godalming Navigations and Dapdune Wharf in Guildford.  The workshops are franchised out to different people around to country, and ours was being run by Tish Hornsbury. 

Buoy what a reflectionWe started the day with introductions and then a session on understanding aperture, white balance, exposure and bracketing, composition and ISO.  It was a nice interactive session where it was easy to ask questions and get tips from both Tish and the others on the workshop.  We were then given a chance to play with our cameras and learn where the settings were and the effect they had, before heading outside for a practical session.  The day ended with a review and feedback session where we looked at a selection of the photographs we had all taken.

DaffodilsTish was very patient, happy to answer questions and really easy to understand.  I found the course enjoyable and would very much like to do Part 2.  I think I was lucky to get on a small class with just 5 of us, which meant we had more time.  Had I gone on a larger course I may have not gotten so much out of it, as I did already have a grasp of some of the concepts covered.  I would certainly recommend it to anyone who has just got an SLR or who still uses the automatic mode!

More photographs from the day can be found on my Flickr set.


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3 Responses to “Understanding my SLR”

  1. Anton Piatek Says:

    I am more than happy to spend an afternoon teaching you whatever I can if you want.
    Of course I have been meaning to write more blog posts on my blog about techniques, so if you have a question that could be a good prompt for a writeup (which would benefit others too)

  2. Helena Says:

    Thanks Anton I’ll take you up on that! I think half of it is taking some time to practise with someone around you can ask questions of.

  3. Low Light Photography « Helena’s Blog Says:

    […] the Low Light and Fill-in Flash workshop with Going Digital.  These are the same people I did the Explore your Digital Camera workshop with earlier this year, which I thought was very good and worth the […]

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