View from skyrideWe went with a group of friends to Legoland in Windsor today.  When I was much younger I visited the original Legoland in Denmark with my family and I have fond memories of the place – dragging my mum on the runaway train rollercoaster and my brother following me around in the lego cars!  I’ve wanted to go and see what the Windsor park is like for a little while now so it was good to have the opportunity to go.

We arrived in the morning and the sun was shining, although it was a little windy.  The park only just opened after a break for Winter, and also being a school day it was really quiet which was good as we didn’t have to wait for any of the rides, and in fact on the rollercoasters and water rides they just let us stay on and keep going round!

Ice dragonThe park is quite a good size and you can easily spend a day there.  Cost of food is expensive though – even at their ‘new lowered price for 2009’ a basic adult meal without drink cost nearly £7!  So if you’re on a budget or with a family it might be a better idea to take a picnic with you.

The normal entrance fee for an adult is £36 which is quite steep, but we managed to find tickets for half that price on  A lot of the park is aimed at a younger generation but there was plenty for big kids to enjoy too – particularly as there was a group of us. 

We enjoyed the Viking’s River Splash which was a water ride – it’s worth noting the plastic poncho’s from the machine outside were £2 instead of £3.50 for a slightly better one in the shop.  I felt £2 to stand under their family dryer afterwards was a rip off though.  The Dragon rollercoaster was fun, but about the only thing going for the Jungle Coaster was the fact the cars are now enclosed so you don’t get wet if it starts to rain!

ParachutingNear the entrance in the Lego Creation center you can build your own lego racecar and then compete in a race against your friends.  It was a good laugh – although I struggle to understand how I managed to come 7th when there were only 6 of us on it!

Overall, I enjoyed the day.  I’d recommend going with a group like we did (it is more fun) and certainly look around before buying full price tickets!  I do hope Legoland spend some money updating the lego too as some had got quite sunbleached and if they let it go the park will begin to look tatty.

More photographs can be found on my Flickr set.


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