New at Marwell

For starters, Marwell Zoo is now known as Marwell Wildlife.  They have just laucnhed a new name, logo and brand.  One of the reasons for the change is to raise awareness of the important conservation work that Marwell does worldwide as well as locally in the zoo.  More details about the change and reasons behind it can be found on Marwell’s website.

Kenyan High Commissioner Opens African Valley Secondly I was delighted to have been invited to attend the official opening of the new African Valley.  The High Commissioner of Kenya, his Excellency Mr. Joseph Muchemi, opened the area and spoke a few words about the importance of the work Marwell was doing both locally and in Kenya.  The ceremony was followed by some refreshments in the new Cafe Graze, which overlooks the valley.  If the sandwiches cakes are anything to go by the food in the new restaurant will be delicious!

Grevy Zebra enjoying their new waterholeWhilst the new African Valley area  was being developed it looked big, but seeing it with some animals in really gave it some scale – particularly as the three species decided to spend the day of the opening tucked away in the three corners away from us!  Seeing it again this weekend was lovely though as the animals are clearly beginning to settle in well and the Grevy Zebra were enjoying their new watering hole.

Brazilian TapirFinally, I was delighted to see two or Marwell’s new arrivals settling into their new home.  A couple of Brazilian Tapir have arrived and taken up residence next door to the Pygmy Hippo.  The pair seem to be settling in well and I even caught a funny glimpse of one of them trying to climb a fence to investigate a bordering tree!  Fingers crossed for some babies.


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