Yesterday evening I went with friends to see Evita at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton.  It’s a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, and follows the story of Eva Perón, an Argentine political leader. 

I knew well some of the songs from the musical, but I didn’t really have any preconceptions or idea what the musical would be like.  The story is relayed to us through a narrator, Ché, whilst the other characters play out scenes from different parts of Eva’s life, ending where the show also began, at her funeral.

The whole show is sung, unlike some musicals which are a mix of songs and spoken lines.  It worked well, and Seamus Cullen, who played Ché, was very good. 

Before the theatre we went out for dinner to Tosca’s Italian.  They are practically next door to the theatre and are obviously set up to cater for the restaurant trade.  Everyone pretty much came and left at exactly the same time!  We pre-ordered our food so that we didn’t have to hang around too long, and it fitted in well just before the theatre.  The prices were okay, the food reasonable and the staff very friendly.


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