Riding the Manta at Sea World

Last Tuesday we went back to Sea World.  I won’t write much about the park as I’ve already written about it in my blog previously.  From year to year the parks don’t change too much but, as with any park with animals in, you get a different experience every time you go.  This year however, sees the opening of the new Manta rollercoaster and at Universal, the new Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket.

Manta signSadly the Universal coaster has had its opening delayed until the summer, but we were extremely lucky to discover that Sea World had decided to do some soft openings before it’s official opening of Manta and so we were one of the first people to try it out. 

The first time we joined the queue it got shut again after a few minutes – unfortunately the down side to a soft opening!  However, we went back again later.  The queue length said 45 minutes, but I really wanted to go on it, and as we’d not had to queue more than about 5 minutes all holiday I felt it was worth the wait.

Once inside the queue area you are kept entertained as the line walks through tunnels of aquariums where you can watch fish and rays.  After queueing for only about 10 minutes we discovered we were at the front of the queue – so much for a 45 minute wait time! 

In the station you board the rollercoaster much like any other seated rollercoaster, with one exception – there are bars which close over your calves.  Then as the coaster is about to leave you are tipped face down to the ground!  You set off up the incline, and if like us, you are near the front, you get to dangle head first to the ground whilst the back of the coaster makes it up the slope.  From there the coaster rushes you through twists and turns head first and face downwards.  There is one part where you hurtle towards the ground head first and then swoop upwards again and the g-force is amazing.

Ride the manta

We rode it 3 times and didn’t have to wait more than 10 minutes to get on.  The back of the coaster is definately more intense, but it was fun at the front hanging head first waiting on the initial incline.  The only other thing worth noting is that the lockers outside Manta are 75 cents instead of 50 cents like the rest of the park, so it’s maybe worth putting your bags in one of the lockers by the Kraken or Journey to Atlantis, and doing Manta at the same time.

To summarise and use a proper American phrase – Manta is AWESOME!


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