Finchdean3After a slightly disappointing weekend weather wise I wanted to make the most of the gorgeous sunny weather on Wednesday.  I’ve worked quite a few hours lately and so decided to make the most of my flexible working hours and leave early.  I headed over to Finchdean to do Walk 2219 from the Walkingworld website.

It was such a beautiful walk at the current time of year because a lot of the walk took you past fields of wheat which was just turning colour from green to shades of yellow and red.  There was quite a breeze in the valley so as you looked down on the fields it alomost looked like waves as the wind caught the wheat.

Finchdean62Some way round the walk you come to open countryside and fields and someone has very kindly carved a bench and footstalls out of a log.  I could have sat there enjoying the sunshine and view for hours!  It would have made a great spot for a picnic.

The walk is varied, through fields, countryside and woodland with some gorgeous views.  I wasn’t lucky enough to spot the wild deer that the walk mentioned, but I saw plenty of butterflies, squirrels and birds.  One bird I passed was floating on a cushion of air singing his little heart out.

Finchdean95I of course took my camera with me and have been delighted with the results.  The sun coupled with just a few fluffy white clouds, and the colour in the fields has made some lovely pictures.  The rest of the photo set can be seen here.



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