East Meon

East Meon1Deciding to get some fresh air and start the weekend early I went to East Meon today which was the start of Walk 2240 from the Walkingworld website.  The walk starts off in the village which has some really pretty cottages in – had I done this walk on a weekend or earlier in the day it would have been nice to wander round the village for a while, or even stop for a drink in Ye Olde George Inn which looked like a nice pub.  However, I wanted to make sure I was home for dinner time… and know that walks always seem to take me longer than planned because I’m busy taking lots of photographs!

After a short wander through the village the rest of the walk is right out in the countryside, at one point going along the South Downs Way.  I grew up living further East along the South Down’s Way so it is quite fun to think that there is a path all the way from here to ‘back home’.

East Meon35About half way through the walk there is quite a big hill to climb, but once at the top it was worth it for the view which reached for miles.  Sadly today was a bit overcast so not great for photographs as the skies all just appeared white and blown out when I tried.  At the top of the hill I also spotted some cows and a deer, not to mention lots of butterflies. 

East Meon51For the latter part of the walk you walk down over open countryside back towards East Meon.  It was a lovely view and made particularly nice by the fact that the sun seemed to be shining just on the village and it looked pretty nestled in the hills.

More photographs from the walk in my East Meon Flickr set.


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One Response to “East Meon”

  1. Sylvia Saunders Says:

    Hi Helena,

    Just wanted to thank you for your helpful comments posted on the walks. Feedback is always appreciated as it’s great to know that the walks are up to date and being enjoyed. I check out my walks as often as possible but the ground is for ever shifting so I’m very grateful to hear of any changes. I’ve updated this walk with a couple more waymarks added in around waymark 10 so hopefully the route will be clear now.
    Lovely pictures!

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