Wherwell4The weather forecast for the weekend was rain and this afternoon was supposed to be quite nice.   However, looking out of the office window I couldn’t make up my mind whether to chance it or not as one minute the sun was out, but the next there were big black clouds.  About 2pm I decided to chance it and get some fresh air and so went on a walk over near Wherwell – Walk 1956 from the Walkingworld website.

The walk was just over 6 miles long and took me about two and three quarter hours – including quite a few photography stops along the way!  The route is quite varied, taking you through countryside and farms, a couple of villages, a forest and a golf course.

Wherwell22Near the end of the walk you had to go through the paddock of a couple of horses.  One seemed particularly friendly and came trotting over to see me… or should I say smell me as he got so close!  He had lots of whiskers around his nose and blue eyes which seemed quite unusual.

The weather did stay dry, but mostly cloudy.  Although for once I was grateful as it meant I had long trousers on instead of shorts – which was a good thing as a lot of this path was quite overgrown!

More photographs on my Wherwell Flickr set.


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One Response to “Wherwell”

  1. Peter Close Says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for the feedback you provided to Walkingworld (I’m the author of the Wherwell route). I’m sorry you found it a bit overgrown – that can be a bit of a problem during the Summer months! It’s that kind of constructive comment which the Walkingworld team can use to keep their giant database current.
    The flickr photos of the walk are really nice.
    Best regards,

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