Walderton – Stansted

I met up with mum in Walderton yesterday for an afternoon walk in the countryside.  I’d picked Walk 2418 from the Walkingworld website as it sounded like exactly half way between where we both live.

Stansted EstateThe walk starts in the village on Walderton, where there is parking in a layby big enough to hold around 8 cars.  There was a house with a basket of free apples outside – looking much nicer than any that have ever fallen off our apple tree!

The route is mainly flat and nicely varied through countryside and lanes, through fields and past a river (which doesn’t flow in summer!).  The paths were all quite good so it is probably a walk which could be done all year round.

Tea and scone - yummy!At the half way point of the walk you reach Stansted House and Park.  This made a perfect stop on our Friday afternoon walk.  They have a lovely tea room which is open all year round in their walled garden, so we sat and enjoyed tea and home made scones in the sunshine.  You can also visit the house and chapel a couple of days a week for a small fee, but the grounds and gardens can be enjoyed for free all year round.  There is also a garden centre and miniature railway there.

Racton Monument 3After our rest we set off on the second half of the walk which takes you through the grounds of Stansted Park and on into the countryside heading back to Walderton.  After a while you reach Racton Monument which is an old monument built for Lord Halifax in 1772 as a gazebo.  It is pretty ruined now, and has sadly been tarnished with graffiti too.

I’d recommend the walk, especially with the perfectly timed tea rooms!  More photographs on my Flickr set.


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3 Responses to “Walderton – Stansted”

  1. James Says:

    Stansted is a lovely place to visit and walk around. I would recommend The salon du chocolat, they do great chocolate making sessions throughout the year. At Christmas they tend to make sleighs out of chocolate, just a suggestion.

  2. kev Says:

    The stone cottage you photographed in Walderton used to belong to my grandmother and her mother before her. You have no idea how thrilled I was to stumble upon your picture – I spent many happy days there in my childhood. I have i a photograph of the same house taken back in the fifties – it didn’t look anything quite so photogenic then as it does now. Thanks for triggering my trip down memory lane.

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