The only place to be on a beautiful Bank Holiday is outside, but I wanted to avoid the crowds and traffic so went out for a lovely walk around Hambledon.  (Walk 2360 from Walkingworld)

It was actually a very pleasant drive over to Hambledon as you leave the motorway onto country lanes with some stunning views of Hampshire.  The walk itself starts and ends in the village centre and then heads off in a circle around the countryside.

Murder StoneThe first part of the walk  takes you to see the Murder Stone, retracing the route taken in 1782 by a murderer, John Taylor, and his victim, James Stares.  John started by beating James around the head with a mop handle before slitting his throat and robbing him.  I expected the Murder Stone to be slightly more interesting than an old unmarked gravestone almost hidden in the bushes after reading that!

The route then continues on through the countryside eventually heading along the Wayfarer’s Walk and Speltham Down.

Helping HandWhen I returned to the village I spotted a sign saying that there was a local garden open as part of the National Gardens Scheme.  Many private gardens open their doors for a day to raise money for charity.  I decided to go and take a look as it was still early and the sun was still shining.  It cost £3 to enter Hambledon Garden. 

It was quite a pleasant little garden with different areas of shrubs and flowers, and a vegetable garden.  I just had to take some photographs of this elderly couple I saw enjoying the garden – I love her sun umbrella! 

Finally I headed off for a wander around the village and look around Hambledon church.  They have some beautiful stained glass windows.

More photographs on my Flickr set.


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