New Amphibian Ark and Wildebeest

There always seems to be something new at Marwell Wildlife – whether it is baby animals, new enclosures or things to do.  Two of the more recent arrivals include a pair of Black Wildebeest, or White Tailed Gnu as they are also known.

Wildebeest 2

These can be found up at the top end of the park, near Coati Roundabout.  On arrival they initially had some green fencing up around their new enclosure whilst they settled in, but this has gradually been taken down as they get more used to seeing the visiting public and the road train going by.

The other thing I am pleased to see up at Marwell is the arrival of some amphibians in the new Amphibian Ark.  Almost half of today’s amphibians are endangered, and so conservation organisations around the world have come together to build a number of these Amphibian Arks.  These arks are looking after species of amphibian’s in special protected environments, to help preserve them from becoming totally extinct, and until such a time that more is known about what is causing their demise and prevention methods can be introduced.

This is one of the pretty Amazon Milk Frog’s that are being cared for by Marwell Wildlife.

Amazon Milk Frog



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