Shawford – Fishers Pond – Hensting – Twyford

On Friday I did another lovely walk from the Walkingworld website. I have been wanting to do walk 43 for some time as it sounded nice, but as it was over 8 miles I wanted to ensure it was a good day.

Bridge over the ItchenThe walk starts in Shawford and follows the River Itchen and Itchen Navigations all the way to Brambridge.  I drive over the bridge at Brambridge almost every week and have always thought the river looked really pretty and it was.  The river was clear and there was lots of fish to be seen, and a swan family about half way along.

After Brambridge the walk heads off towards Fishers Pond, passes the back of Marwell Wildlife and then goes through Hensting village before returning via Twyford to Shawford.  There are quite a few places you could stop to eat and drink on route.  I can recommend the Fishers Pond pub which has a lovely view over the large pond, and good food.

Black and white horseThe walk was nice and varied with plenty to see.  It started along the river, went through fields, villages and woods and there was plenty of animals to be seen.  There were lots of fields of horses along the route and they all came over to say hello, and I even caught sight of a deer in the woods near Marwell.

ChurchI’d highly recommend this walk – it is not for a total beginner as  it is over 8 miles long and took me nearly 4 hours (including quite a few photo stops along the route).  However, the way is almost all either flat or downhill – which surprised me as I kept expecting to have to pay for the lovely views by climbing a hill, but I didn’t!

More photographs from the walk on my Flickr set.


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