Houghton – Broughton – Stockbridge

BridgeI discovered that some of the walks I’ve been missing on the Walkingworld website are not as long as they seemed.  They are listed under the number of miles they are, so as some of the 5-6 mile walks are taking around 3 hours I hadn’t even looked at some of the longer ones.  However, as I decided to search for a walk with river views last week I found one that was nearly 9 miles long, but also only around 3 hours.

So Stef and I headed off on Walk 4896 last Sunday.  The first part of the walk is along a well used path along the Test Way from just outside Stockbrige.  There were lots of families out walking and cycling along the route.  A little disappointly the walk barely sees the River despite being right alongside it for most of the first mile and a half.

It then turns and does cross over the River tributaries via small pretty bridges.  At one of the bridges there was a herd of cows who were deciding to take a drink and bath in the water.

PiggyThe walk then heads across farm land, past a pig farm and alongside fields before eventually heading back through Stockbridge town centre.  It was a pleasant enough walk in the countryside, especially as the weather was nice and sunny, but would have been nicer if it went nearer the river.

More photographs on my Flickr set.


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