New Snow Leopards at Marwell

Two new snow leopards have arrived at Marwell Wildlife around 2.5 weeks ago, bringing the total to three. Yasmin is currently off show whilst Irina and Indeever get to know each other a little better.  The hope is that once these two have settled in they will mate and share one side of the enclosure.

IrinaIrina was born on 23 May 2008 and arrived from Sweden.  She was a little cautious about coming out to see her new surroundings and took some time to make an appearance.  The name Irina means ‘peace’ which just about sums up Irina as she now seems to be spending her time asleep on the rocks!  She is an extremely beautiful snow leopard with lovely soft, white fur.

IndeeverIndeever was born on 27 April 2008 and arrived from Switzerland.  He is much braver than Irina and didn’t take long before he started to explore.  I had my first glimpse at him surveying his new home a couple of weeks ago when he stuck his head out of his house as I was driving the train past his enclosure. When I first arrived at the zoo before opening time yesterday he was wandering around the back of his enclosure – obviously finding a good spot to settle as he then spent most of the day curled up snoozing.  He did wake up later in the afternoon for a bit of a stretch and to meet his adoring fans.


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