Six Flags Magic Mountain

While we were out in California two of our days were spent up visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain just outside of Los Angeles.  If you’re not a fan of rollercoasters then this park is probably not for you… luckily I am!

The entry fee for the park is the same price as their season pass – although I am sure if you looked their are discount vouchers around somewhere.  This was ideal for us as it meant we could visit the park twice on our holiday instead of trying to cram everything into one day.  You also get given a whole load of other vouchers for things like bring a friend, or food in the park.

One of the optional extras you can buy is a Flash Pass which is basically a fast track for rides, but we decided as we were going to split our visit over the two days it didn’t matter too much if we didn’t get around to everything on one day.  As it happens, the park was really quiet on both days we went – weekdays in May – and it would have been a waste of money anyway as I don’t think we waited more than about 10 minutes for even the most popular rides.

The park has an amazing 15 rollercoasters, along with some water rides and stuff for younger visitors.  I’ve visited a few Six Flags theme parks around the country over the years, and recognised one or two of the rollercoasters from other parks.

My absolute favourite rollercoaster in the park was Terminator Salvation: The Ride.  The start of the experience is in the queuing area where you go through various different themed rooms where they play short video clips about how the terminators have taken over the area – it’s pretty cheesy stuff!  The rollercoaster itself is a wooden coaster and one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much was it was exhilarating and fun without being over the top.

The park also has a rollercoaster called Tatsu, which is a flying rollercoaster much like Manta at Sea World.  It’s a fun ride, but I preferred the one at Sea World.

One coaster I was curious to go on was The Riddler’s Revenge as I’ve never been on a stand up rollercoaster before.  Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed – I don’t think I had the harness at quite the right height so although I felt perfectly safe I didn’t feel comfortable and was glad to get off.

The other rollercoaster that definitely deserves a mention is Goliath.  I remember going on this rollercoaster at a different Six Flags park many years ago and loved it – although there I had to queue for nearly an hour.  This time there was no wait at all and we got straight on to the back row.  It is one of the fastest and tallest rollercoasters around with a nearly vertical first drop, and unlike many modern rollercoasters you are only held in by a lap bar.  All of this makes for a very exciting ride.  There is one part of the ride where you speed around sweeping spirals and you can literally feel the blood draining from your head!

If you are feeling rich the park also has lots more ways to waste more money in the shape of a number of rides which you have to pay extra for.  I was unsurprised to find no-one on those rides!

Daffy, me and Sylvestor


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