The Hawk Conservancy Trust

Hawk Conservancy 55Back in July I visited the Hawk Conservancy Trust in Andover with some fellow photographers from the Talk Photography forums.  It is somewhere I have wanted to go for a while so I made a proposal on the forums and it was good to find some people to go with.

My main aims for the day were to try and practice some more of my photography skills and not just rely on the camera.  So it was good to have help at hand from the others who were more experienced and encouraged me to try out some new settings.  Weather wise the skies were blown out, and grey so not great for photography and it made it difficult to capture the birds detail rather than just silhouettes.

Hawk Conservancy 81The other challenge of the day was to try and get some action shots.  Throughout the day the Trust put on a number of flying shows which are really impressive – from owls in woodland to eagles flying home from miles away, and hawks swooping low over our heads. I took hundreds of photographs and was pleased that a few came out okay! 

Hawk Conservancy 17In between the shows you could wander around and visit the birds in their enclosures.  I particularly liked taking some shots of the bald eagles – it was challenging to get the contrasting colours both showing up, but I was really pleased with the results.

Overall the Trust is a nice day out and I easily managed to stay there from opening time about 10 until nearly 5pm.  It was good to go on a week day as it was pretty empty although I do imagine they get school groups in too.

More of the photo results can be seen in my Flickr set.


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