British Wildlife Centre

Roe in the grassBack in September last year I finally got around to visiting the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey, and have been meaning to write a blog post about it ever since.  So four months late but here it is.

The centre is home to over forty different animals from the British Wildlife, from the very small harvest mice to the large and magnificent red deer with his large antlers.

On first glance at the map you would not think it was that large a place to visit, but I found it easy to spend a few hours there.  As well as being able to wander around at your own pace there are a number of talks and feeding sessions that go on throughout the day and they are well worth a visit. 

Do a little danceIn particular it was fun to go and visit the red squirrel enclosure for the talk.  The keeper brought some seeds and nuts and the squirrels were bounding around their enclosure.  It was quite tough to get one to stand still long enough for a photograph, but if you had your camera ready there were lots of close up and fun shots to be had.

Sharing the enclosure with the red squirrel were the very cute Muntjac deer.  They spent a lot of time staying fairly hidden amongst the trees but we did manage to see them a little later in the day when it got quieter.

Me and my shadowOne of my favourite animals of the day were the Scottish Wild cats, particularly as they had some kittens!  They are very similar to a domestic tabby cat, with brownish stripey fur.  However, pure wildcats are getting more and more rare by the day as more get interbred, and there is a risk that these cats will become extinct.

Fox in the grassI first came to hear about the British Wildlife Centre whilst looking for photo workshops.  As the centre is only open to the public on weekends and holidays there were a number of workshops which run weekdays.  I had seen an advert for one talking about getting up close to photographing the foxes, which sounded fun.  However, having been just on a normal visitor day I don’t think it is necessary to pay for a photo experience day to get some nice photographs.  You get up close to the animals anyway, and can get some great natural looking shots – particularly when the keepers are around with food!

More photographs from my day at the centre on my Flickr set.


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