Coca-Cola and iPod… a winning combination!

Back in December I entered a couple of competitions on the website of my local radio station, Heart.  However, I was still surprised to hear that I actually won one of them.  I got a call on Christmas Eve to say I had won an iPod Shuffle and a year’s supply of Coca-Cola!

I was intrigued to know exactly what a year’s supply of Coca-Cola actually looked like.  I had to wait until yesterday to find out, when I got a call to say it was ready for me to go and collect from the radio station.  It turned out to be 5 crates – plenty to keep my husband happy for quite a while!

Coca Cola and iPod a winning combination

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5 Responses to “Coca-Cola and iPod… a winning combination!”

  1. Rob Paterson Says:

    Nicely styled photo. 🙂

    Envious of the coke – not the iPod – strangely. 🙂

  2. Paige Says:

    LOL! I’m the opposite, I’d take the iPod and not the Coke 😉

  3. Anton Piatek Says:

    How many cans come in a crate?

  4. Helena Says:

    24… so not quite what I would call a year’s supply the rate Stef drinks it, but certainly plenty enough!

  5. Anton Piatek Says:

    You didnt think about arguing that 120 cans is only 10 a month, and therefore couldn’t possibly be a year’s supply…

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