I seem to have failed to get my camera out very much at all since Christmas so I decided a day trip out on a sunny day in March was in order.  I decided to go and visit Salisbury.  Despite it being not far away I have only been a couple of times since living here and it seemed to be somewhere that would have some good opportunities to put the camera to use on a variety of subjects.

Views from the cathedral tower 8I spent the first part of the morning visiting Salisbury Cathedral and went on one of their Tower Tours.  While I enjoy hearing a little about a place, I was slightly concerned that I would find the tour a bit boring, when all I really wanted to do was get a feel for the place and see the view from the top of the tower.  Our guide started off by explaining that the tours were taken by volunteers and each had a different perspective on things and what they talked about on the tours – our guide turned out to have an interest in the people that built the cathedral and it turned out to be an entertaining and interesting talk.  I even learnt that the phrases ‘top dog’ and ‘under dog’ supposedly come from the saw-pits where they created the wooden timbers for building.  The view from the top of the cathedral tower was great – you even got to go right out onto the ledge (safely behind a wall!).  The day I went was lovely and sunny, and you could see people out enjoying the weather, and playing games in the local neighbourhood.

Reflective fontThe other highlight of the cathedral is some of the beautiful stained glass windows.  There was quite a collection of some traditional looking religious glass, but also some almost more modern bright looking windows.  Right in the centre of the nave there is a large diamond shaped font, and it made for some amazing reflections of the stained glass windows.  I was pleasantly surprised at how some of the photographs came out inside without the use of a tripod.

After the cathedral I headed into the town and wandered around the famous market.  I had read about it having local farmers stalls and it sounded really nice.  However, I found the reality a little disappointing.  There were a few stalls containing some local produce, but much of the market was a fairly standard market and seemed a bit tatty. 

Playing the BanjoThe other thing I really wanted to try was some street photography.  There were a number of street entertainers but I felt a little self conscious taking their photographs so I didn’t spend too much time lingering and instead just quickly raised my camera for a quick ‘snap’. 

More photographs from Salisbury on my Flickr set.



One Response to “Salisbury”

  1. Paige Says:

    It’s hard to find inspiration in the early part of the year when the weather is …less than inviting 😉 I feel your pain, I’ve hardly done anything outside since January, all it seems to have done is rain. Gotta grab the nice days when they show up!

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