Durford and the Pink Ribbon Walk

Earlier this year mum and I signed up to the Pink Ribbon Walk to raise money for Breast Cancer Care.  Over the past few years both of us have sponsored friends and colleagues for various events, but this year we decided we wanted to give it a go.  Just after Mum signed up we realised there was a minimum sponsorship of £175 each on top of our entry fee of £30 and it seemed like a big challenge to try and raise that much money.  I started to think through who I knew well enough that I felt I could ask for money – it’s not something I feel particularly comfortable doing even though it is for a good cause.  People have have really surprised me though – some people I feel I barely know have been super generous, and others I thought were a ‘sure thing’ haven’t sponsored me at all… although there is still plenty of time!  We’re getting close to our minimum target of £350, but as it’s a great cause I hope we exceed it before the walk in June.  Our Just Giving website, for those who haven’t yet dug deep, is here: http://www.justgiving.com/walkpink

On top of raising money we’ve had to start thinking about getting our walking shoes on to build up our fitness.  Both of us exercise regularly, but there is something about a long distance challenge that takes a bit of extra stamina.  I’ve done a lot of 5-8 mile walks in the past, but nothing longer in recent years.  I did once do a sponsored walk for the WWF which was 10.5 miles and I distinctly remember that after the 5th lap of the course my feet began to cramp.  I’m hoping that this time as the walk is in the countryside and not on roads that the walking may be easier on the feet but we still want to get in some practice.

So a couple of weeks ago we went for a walk on Durford Heath (Walk 4560 from the Walkingworld website) as we were staying in the area.  The walk was a lovely walk across the heathland, through woods and across countryside with some lovely views.  We saw lots of wildlife including a couple of deer!  More photographs from the walk here.

Durford Heath 3


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2 Responses to “Durford and the Pink Ribbon Walk”

  1. Leah (from Breast Cancer Care) Says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for signing up for the Pink Ribbonwalk. Best of luck with your training and fundraising!

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