A fifth successful IBM Community Grant for Marwell Wildlife

I am delighted that for a fifth year running IBM, where I work, have donated an IBM On Demand Community Grant for Marwell Wildlife in recognition of the volunteering that I do there.  I have now been a volunteer at Marwell for over 6 years, and spend around 200 hours a year helping out in various ways – from driving the trains and talking to the visitors, to organising and running various workshops and activities for staff at the zoo.  Marwell Wildlife is a charity that I am very proud to support as they do a lot of amazing work both locally and overseas.  It makes me also proud of working for IBM when they support this, and other, charities giving money and equipment, but also time and skills of their employees to make a difference.

Today when I got to take up the cheque from IBM I got to go and cuddle a Royal Python!  The grant money on this occasion has gone towards purchasing a new massive flat screen television for Marwell’s Encounter Barn.  They now have the ability to show some of the barn’s reptilian inhabitants up close and personal through using a small video camera which is linked up to the screen.  This enables the staff at Marwell to help educate schools and visitors.  In the photo below, you can just see the camera and the small lizard at the bottom left of the picture, which is then being projected on the screen above my head!

Helena with snake 2


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