Twycross Zoo

Twycross 10We’ve got the week off work but aren’t going away on holiday.  Instead we have a number of short breaks and day trips planned.  The first of these was this weekend when we went to stay in Birmingham.  I decided it would be nice to go and visit Twycross Zoo as I get in free with my Annual Pass from Marwell Wildlife and it isn’t somewhere I have been before.  I also knew they’d had a pair of baby snow leopard cubs born about the same time as Marwell and I’m a sucker for cute and furry cats!

Twycross Zoo specialise in primates and as such, I’d say that over half of the animals they have there are some type of money, ape, gibbon etc.  I found a lot of these enclosures were not very good for photography – many were inside, and a lot were cluttered with a lot of things for them to climb on.  Obviously the animals come first, so if this is what they like then that is great but I prefer a much natural looking setting for my photographs!

Twycross Snow 25As you enter the zoo there is a big area known as Himalaya which is where you’ll find shops and eating areas, and also a massive viewing area for the snow leopards.  I thought this was a great idea as it means they can run things and use it for events without the need to go into the zoo.  I imagine it got busy when the snow leopard cubs first came out, as you could see them without the need to pay to enter.  We were really lucky and timed a late breakfast just as they had woken up and got to spend an hour watching them play.  Even mum seemed to have a spring in her step and had fun with the cubs.

Twycross 24Apart from the Himalaya area and the primate sections the rest of the zoo was quite varied but none of it felt particularly cohesive – from children’s pets such as guinea pigs, to penguins and sea lions, to elephants.  We spent about 3 hours there, but if you aren’t into primates then this probably isn’t one of the best zoos to visit.



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