Lakeside, Chilworth and Southampton Golf Course

We’ve got this week off work and so decided to get a bit of fresh air and go for a couple of short walks rather than just sitting around the house.  I’ve also promised myself to try and get a bit more use out of my camera, as with the exception of rather a lot of photographs at Marwell I don’t feel I used it much last year.

StefOn Monday we just popped along to Lakeside in Eastleigh as it’s just down the road.  It’s only a small location, with 3 little lakes that you can walk around and a miniature railway for the kids.  The lakes seem very popular with fishermen though and there was a few down there on Monday with all their gear.  I find it funny that they seem to spend all day sitting inside a tent, with sensors on the rods telling them when something moves.  It doesn’t seem like much of a hobby, but I guess it gets them out of the house!

It was a really lovely sunny Wintery day, and not too cold.  I thought the light seemed quite nice for photographs as the sun wasn’t too high in the sky meaning that the colours were warmer.  However, it would seem that not using my camera for much for some time I’ve gotten a bit lazy and forgotten some basic settings which meant that skies were a bit blown out, and the brightness on objects like the ducks in the pond just came out white.

This morning was supposed to have been quite sunny, but turned out a little overcast.  However, we headed down to Chilworth to start Walk 1819 from the Walkingworld website which I use quite a lot.  It’s a walk I’ve done a few times before – not very arduous, but a pleasant local stroll which I thought wouldn’t be too muddy as much is along roads and paths.  It turns out my memory wasn’t great either, and many of the paths were rather muddy – especially after the stormy weather we had yesterday.  There was also a couple of trees that had come down along the Roman road, but luckily nothing that couldn’t be passed.

Into the forestAfter strolling along the Roman road the route takes you around Southampton golf course, where there were a surprising number of people out playing.  And finally heads up back through forest land towards Chilworth.  The forest is made up of areas of pine trees to one side and silver birch to the other.  We saw quite a few people out walking their dogs.  One got rather too friendly considering he was covered in mud and splashing in the puddles!

I did take a couple of photographs on the way, although being a grey day I didn’t spot much that felt worthy of a photograph as it looked a bit dreary,  I am quite pleased with the way this photograph looking into the forest came out though.  I did take a few, but actually bothered to change the settings on my camera a couple of times to get a good light so all in all one step improved from Monday’s attempts!


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One Response to “Lakeside, Chilworth and Southampton Golf Course”

  1. Paige Says:

    If you think it’s funny that people sit in a tent and fish, you really ought to see Canadians ice fish. You’d be amazed at the little buildings some people push out onto the ice above their holes. Some complete with all the comforts of home – couch, television, cooking appliances….

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