South Bank, London

6 PodsWell my resolution to try and use my camera more this year and write more on my blog doesn’t appear to be going too well!  Yesterday I had to go up to London for work, so I decided to catch a slightly earlier train and take a stroll along the South Bank before heading to the meeting.  The IBM offices are right on the South Bank so it is a perfect location, when the sun is shining, to see some of the sights.  I also didn’t feel out of place with my camera as there were lots of other tourists around.

I started out heading towards the London Eye.  I’ve never actually been on the big wheel, but can imagine it has a great view when the weather is clear.  I didn’t have much time today, so I just took some photo’s of it.  It was actually a reasonable day to get some shots as the sky was a mix of sunshine and clouds, so it wasn’t a totally plain background, but also being February the sun wasn’t too high in the sky making it not too bright, so you did get some of the blues of the sky and not a blown out background.

Sea Gull in LondonI then wandered on towards Westminster Bridge to see the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.  After a few fairly standard shots of the River and sights in the background, I had a bit of fun taking a photo of a sea gull who was standing on the wall, with the Houses of Parliament blurred out in the background.  I did get a few witty comments from passers by!

I then headed East along the River Thames.  There were quite a few photo opportunities along this part of the River – from street entertainers, general scenery, candid shots of the other tourists to a couple of events that were going on including a number of painted egg artwork pieces along the river which formed part of the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt which is currently going on around London.

Sand constructionI wandered along to just past Blackfriars Bridge which is currently where the first station to span the River Thames is under construction.  Just along near there I was rather surprised to find some people creating sand sculptures!  I didn’t expect to find a beach in the centre of London.

I only had about an hour so I didn’t spend much time anywhere, but it was a good location for all sorts of photography and close to Waterloo station which is where the train stops for me.  I’ve been a bit nervous in the past about taking my camera out on the streets as I feel a bit conspicuous, but this was a great location because everyone else was doing the same!

More photographs on my London set on Flickr.


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3 Responses to “South Bank, London”

  1. Paige Says:

    Nice shots Helena, and it sounds like it was a lovely day. But why would you feel nervous about being out in the streets with your camera?

  2. Helena Says:

    Thanks Paige. I guess I worry a bit about taking a photo that someone doesn’t want me to – you do hear of stories where people even get arrested! Although that is a bit extreme. Particularly somewhere like in a city I’d also worry about getting mugged. But I guess really it’s more a case of not getting nice candid shots while people give you odd looks!

    • Paige Says:

      I suppose I understand, sort of.

      David (on LRM) and I had an online discussion about the nature of things in the UK after he posted a photo I didn’t understand (him holding a photo with the words I am not a criminal). You have much stricter laws/guidelines there than we do here. I recall some shocked comments when I actually had a Police Officer climb into a lifeguard chair on a street corner and pose for me. I think we are significantly more open to pointing the camera where we please here, within reason. I wouldn’t photograph children without speaking to a parent about it, but then again I don’t like pointing a camera at people much. Other than that, you really can shoot anything you want here and not feel concerned about it.

      I wonder how many Canadians get themselves in trouble abroad because of that….

      And besides, you hardly look like an axe murderer 🙂

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