More IBM On Demand Community success for Marwell Wildlife

I’ve written other posts on here about my volunteering with Marwell and some of the success I have had through the IBM Community programmes, and last year was another great year. 

ODC12In addition to my regular volunteering on weekends, I organised a team of 32 IBMers to go up in November last year to help out with a conservation project for the day.  We picked up spades and headed out to the chalk grassland behind the main car park. Our aim was to plant very young trees – called tree whips – between two existing copses of ancient woodland, creating a woodland corridor across the centre of the grassland, and recreating a historical feature once present in the field shown on maps dating back to 1640.

The work is an important part of Marwell’s woodland restoration programme and has a number of important benefits for the landscape and biodiversity utilising it, such as: providing a connecting corridor for wildlife to move between two fragmented copses; and providing an area of young woodland between a hay field and a restored wildflower meadow.  The works also helps Marwell to meet key conservation objectives, as well as improve the landscape for the local community.

Grant cheque presentationLast year IBM celebrated it’s 100th birthday and in celebration offered us the chance to apply for some extra special Centennial Grants for charities and organisation we volunteered for.  I was successful in securing both a team grant for Marwell and one of these special Centennial Grants, both totally around £8000.  The money is going to help Marwell with a new area of the park in development – an aviary – and in particular in support of the education aims of the exhibit so will benefit many people.


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