Photography Course at Witley Common

Last year I was lucky enough to win a £10 voucher for Going Digital and I felt it was time to go get a bit of inspiration and try some new things out, so last Autumn I booked myself onto their Part 2 DSLR course at Witley Common in Surrey.  The weather on the day was a bit disappointing, and did rain for a while, but we spent some time inside trying out some different macro photography with toy models and learning about different lighting conditions.

Once it did dry off we headed out into the woods to try some movement photography.  It wasn’t the best location for this as we weren’t really near anything that would have made a great subject for it, but we did manage to test our skills by pairing up and running around spinning umbrellas!

My absolute favourite part of the day though was learning some more about the use of the flash to get some really nice sharp images.  By setting the flash you didn’t have to worry so much about getting the shutter speed right for the aperture, and could just get some great macro shots.  I was particularly pleased with how this one came out of the horse chestnut.


Overall another enjoyable course and I’d recommend Going Digital – they are small classes with lots of chance to ask questions and try out your new skills.  A few more shots from the day here:

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