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Along came a Green Shield Bug

22 August, 2010

I was just beginning to think I wasn’t going to take any photos this month – the weather hasn’t been good and I haven’t felt very inspired.  I’ve also only just finished processing some shots from last month. 

Anyway, I’ve just finished reading and completing the first module of an editing course in the Practical Photography magazine and was thinking that I really needed to make some effort so I just happened to stick my head outside my front door to see if it was still raining as there are some large mushrooms that have grown in my front garden.  It was still raining and I didn’t feel like crawling around on a wet garden, however just as I was heading back inside I spotted a Green Shield Bug having a rest on the roof of my car!

I was bought a new Raynox Macro lens for my birthday last month and I haven’t used it yet so I quickly whipped it on and ventured back outside to take a few pics of the bug.  It also gave me a chance to have a practice at playing with Levels and Curves on Photoshop ready for the next modules on the course.  So anyway, here are my first few attempts.

Green Shield Bug 2

Green Shield Bug 3

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