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Wisley Gardens

13 February, 2011

The Royal Horticultural Society Gardens at Wisley have again this year got their Butterflies in the Glasshouse exhibit on. A couple of people I know went last year and took some great photographs so I was pleased to see it on again this year so that I could visit.  So last week I managed to book a day off work and head up there with mum.

Across the lakeIt turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, so it was a pleasure to walk around the gardens as well as visit the glasshouse.  It was surprisingly busy for a week day in February, but not so much so that you couldn’t get some nice photographs.  In fact, in places the grassed areas were roped up while they were helping the grass to grow back and as a result it was possible to get some nice shots across the ponds without lots of people in the picture. 

I was particularly pleased with this shot I took.  There was some beautiful colour in the plants and the water, and because it was Winter the sun was lower making for a better light for the photograph. 

After a lunch we headed down through the rock garden area and through one of the smaller glass houses which has some lovely flowers.  We also met up with Sunny who is the cat who lives there – he had found himself a nice sunny spot on the rocks outside.

Inside the glasshouses there is an outer and an inner area – the outer area was magnificent with some absolutely stunning orchids and cactus.  And then the inner area contain more tropical plants and of course the butterflies we had come to see.

Scarlet SwallowtailIt took quite a while for the camera to aclimatise enough to stop fogging up.  The area inside was also quite busy, and there was a school party wandering through, which made it really hard to get any decent shots of the butterflies as they didn’t settle for long. 

Overall I thought Wisley was a nice place to visit, and if you can go with a friend who is a WHS member you can get in for free!  So I’d like to visit again at a different time of year.

More photographs on my Wisley set on Flickr.

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